About alberta graphics

Why is it called "Alberta" Graphics? Good question.

We are a proud Albertan company that has been in operation since 2005. Our experience producing professional graphic design, however, began in 1986 producing work for companies throughout this province. Oil and gas. Cultural entertainment attractions. Service companies. You name it. Additionally, we have produced a wide degree of work in the heritage field and are experts in the presentation of Alberta's history through print and exhibits.

Our experience and knowledge in the heritage field, provincial industries, businesses, and various organizations has given us a unique perspective on Alberta.

We think it's important to know where you came from as well as where you are today in order to understand where you're going.

We're proud to use the name "Alberta" with our company and feel that we can live up to this great name through excellent design, the provision of services to Albertan companies and beyond, and by being good community citizens.

Design is problem-solving. In order to develop a suitable solution, you have to understand first what the problem is.(Some good advice that we have taken to heart)






Alberta Graphics is a home-based business in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Our principal designer has worked as a professional designer since 1986. After completing a diploma in fine arts in 1982 and a university degree in visual communication in 1985, he has spent the majority of his career working in the heritage field designing graphics for print, web and exhibits. He worked on several capital projects as the main graphic designer developing exhibitions for some of Alberta's largest museums. Along the way, he also studied and obtained project management experience and completed an MBA .

As a home-based business, Alberta Graphics has worked with a select few clients over the years. Alberta Graphics has collaborated with other design professionals in the past such as production professionals, industrial and exhibit designers, and other web developers.

what does Alberta Graphics do?

Graphic Design for Print

We can design and coordinate the production for print items such as brochures, posters, advertising, folders—anything that gets printed.

Logo and Visual Identity Design

Visual identity design is all about presenting the personality of a company, individual, product, service or organization in a visual form. A well-crafted visual identity provides a full visual environment that all other business elements relate to. Done well, a logo can inspire not only your audience but your employees as well.

Signage Systems and Production

We've developed full signage systems and programs for major institutions and we can help you to develop elegant, effective signage for your company's needs.


Alberta Graphics loves illustration! Line drawings, full colour art, cartoons and comics, editorial works, and photo collage images can help bring your ideas to life.

Exhibition and Display Design

From tabletop displays, trade show display systems, to entire exhibitions, we've done it all! We can provide not only the graphic and design skills but planning, development, production and coordination—full project management services.

Web Graphics

Web design and development services are available. We can help you find a solution that works well for your needs.

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Alberta graphics cares about the environment and is a good community citizen. Find out more here…

Our greatest award is helping you achieve your goals

Alberta Graphics cares about our customers' needs. Sure, most companies will say the same thing, but we work at it. We are committed to finding the best solution for you. If a design solution wins awards but ultimately doesn't do anything to further your cause or improve your business, then it has failed in our opinion. We are not in business to win awards, we want to produce effective graphics for our clients. Design isn't an ego thing and it's not about us. It's about you, and your business challenges.

We want to share our expertise and find solutions that help you in achieving your company's success.

So how do we find solutions that work best for our customers? It's really quite simple. We listen to what our customers want and identify their objectives and needs. We take our customers' experience and knowledge (after all, no one knows your business needs better than you do) and apply our knowledge, experience and skill to develop graphic work that will be affordable and functional.